Ask good questions and get better answers

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

Ask the Right Questions in the Right Ways…And Get the Answers You Need to Succeed!

Discover the core questions that every manager needs to master…how to avoid the mistakes business questioners make most often…ten simple rules for asking every question more effectively. Learn how to ask tough questions and take control of tough situations…use questions to promote innovation, drive change, identify hidden problems, and get failing projects back on track.

Ask better questions, get better answers, achieve better results!

“Required reading for every leader who wishes to see his or herorganization flourish and career progress.”

Garry A. Neil, MD, Corporate Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

“Asking, listening, understanding the real meaning of the answers, and taking actions based on facts are really the essence of managing. This book has helped me in connecting the dots in my understanding (and lack thereof) of why things really did not work the way I expected them to.”

Pradip Banerjee, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xybion; retired partner, Accenture

“The framework and techniques provide outstanding ideas for executives to both gain better information and develop the analytical skills of their teams.”

Terry Hisey, Vice Chairman and US Life Sciences Leader, Deloitte

We’ve all met the corporate inquisitor: the individual whose questions seem primarily intended to terrify the victim. The right goal is to solve the problem–and to build a more effective, collaborative organization where everyone learns from experience, and nobody’s too intimidated to tell the truth.

That means asking the right questions in the right ways. This book will teach you how to do precisely that. Terry J. Fadem shows how to choose the right questions and avoid questions that guarantee obvious, useless answers…how to help people give you the information you need…how to use body language to ask questions more effectively…how to ask the innovative or neglected questions that uncover real issues and solutions.

You’ll learn how to adopt the attributes of a good questioner…set a goal for every question…use your personal style more effectively…ask tough questions, elicit dissent, react to surprises, overcome evasions, and more. Becoming a better questioner may be the most powerful thing you can do right now to improve your managerial effectiveness–and this book gives you all the insights, tools, and techniques you’ll need to get there.

Evaluate your current “questioning” skills…
…then systematically improve them
Choose better questions…
…and ask them the right way
Ask tough questions more effectively
Get at the truth, uncover the real problem, and solve it
Master the crucial nonverbal aspects of asking questions
Finding your best style and the right body language

When you have a question about your business—which new product to offer, what new features and services to add, where to open your next location—there’s only one obvious way to find out: a survey. It’s like magic: you put together questions, ask your followers and fans, and voilà, you know what to do next.

Surveys seem so simple, but they rarely are in real life. Slightly vary the types of questions and response options in your survey, and you can seriously impact the quality and value of your survey’s results.

Bad results can lead to bad decisions—the very thing you set out to avoid by making a survey in the first place. Ask the wrong questions, or ask them in the wrong way, and you’ll end up with products and services no one wants.

That’s why thoughtful survey design is so important. It’ll help you get better, trustworthy results. Here are some tips on how to build an effective survey, starting with the one thing that’s most important in a survey: questions.

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